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Talking about Ghana music as it is today brings me goosebumps. Musically, Ghana has very much evolved and records now poke your brains and make you feel you don’t need music from overseas anymore.

This article is focusing on music producers and their contribution to our long journey to the promise Land, music from Ghana that is original, has a distinct cultural identity, but links with, is different and not inferior to other foreign music. So to start, I’d  like to appreciate our beat engineers and music producers so much, they are the people lay music listeners don’t recognise, but to the cores of music and passionate music lovers they are the real MVPs and they had all to do with our evolution, and we are where we are today because music producers stretched their talents and made beats across and fused genres.

Music today isn’t just about lyrical depth, music lovers have gone overboard to look into productions and how intricate beats are, how soothing it makes you after a hard days work or how hyper it makes you in traffic so you forget how much time you’re wasting.
From an indigenous highlife – hip-life  appietus beats, passing on through a Jama JQ instrumentals to a Coptic production knocking out your speakers, then hitting the club to an EL azonto beat that moves your feet before your mind even says so, is the destination our music mile has settled and journeying.

Jaws dropped when Castro Dropped “3y3 mo f3” and  Hammer unveiled Edem and Sarkodie with “Keva” around much the same time. It shook the industry, apart from people being amazed how Castro managed to rap in English and how fast Sarkodie was raping breathlessly, most of us wondered where Castro had such dope instrumentals from, they were hard, actually that beat is still hard. Kicks, snares, pumps and baselines were unorthodox.

NB: before that time those songs dropped, Hammer was already making hard beats for Kwaw Kesse who cared very little about lyricism and felt good on them, Jay So was also around but very less recognised. 

However, Keva changed the face of the game, for me it was a huge record. Keva unveiled a rapper who raps in a language most Ghanaians don’t understand (EWE) but became talk of the town. Keva also gave a ravenous Sarkodie his shot when he had murdered everyone he hasn’t even battled with in all his freestyles. 
Richie became that kid, became a cult hero like JQ was, he wasn’t dropping bottles, he was dropping hard bangers, and he had a set of wolves to attack his beats. I mean, critically and honestly, songs like {Simple, Flashe, Ringtone, and Killing The Game} gave other producers a new perspective.
That moment gave breath to the HipHop Ghana Kwaw Kesse prophesied.
Then, it made Jay So’s vision vivid, people started appreciating his works. He dropped Skillions generation of which most are prominent recognised rappers today (though nobody listened to them at first).
Rumor, E.L, Kevin Beats, Lil Shaker, Killmatic, etc. I remember the collabo song “My hood” like it was just yesterday, where I first fell in love with Rumor.

Further, I  focused this article on instrumentals because it pushed some rappers to oblivion. They weren’t familiar with the new trend of beat and couldn’t push their rhyme schemes to it, but to the new generation, it opened the door, for a new age, for a different phase to our Music. And that’s why we have songs like “Koene” “Wave”, and “Original” banging in clubs and people grinding to them instead of foreign music. 
Take a timeless record as Obrafuor’s “Who Born You By Mistake” and take Edem’s “Ohene” Both produced by Hammer of the last Two, you’d have this euphoric nostalgia from the former but sense a more deeper and pushy feel on the latter. Hammer is one person, that’s single handedly been the best of both sides, cos his productions were classic masterpieces, very distinct from the normal appietus and JQ works but still has the Ghana vibe in it. Hammer to me initiated the new school before it did mask off, every one on his label was the “boys boys” type of rapper, who had lyrical content, dexterity and the rhyme schemes not to trail on his beats. Obrafuor being the Alpha of his pack and Kwaw Kesse a close second have walked the mile with him.

The introduction of Coptic in our industry is a great uplift and upgrade to what we were about, he came with his foreign experience and fed rappers what would make them go wild. Again, Kwaw Kesse was in there with him.

The invasion of Tema rappers and “Twi Pop” also moved our industry very pacefully, with Killbeatz giving other engineers a run for their money and having “their fiends” come to him to for a hit.

This journey can not be done without giving azonto the recognition it deserves, I mean its an export asset, how damning it’ll be to look away its impact.
Gasmilla as many see as the Father of azonto, came with Abodatoi, an all Ga record with a not so locally produced GA beat, but the dance was all that mattered because again, production on it gave people the option to get jiggy with it.
E.L came off his bar for bar self and dived into it, and yes undoubtedly, he was a genius there too. I mean who’d have thought a Skillions bred rapper would make hits for the club. He put good, typical Ga pushes and kicks into his azonto beats which sent both the indigenous and the sophisticated dancing, on a common ground.
Records like Sarkodie’s you go kill me, E.Ls Kaalu, were the modern day music with most rappers trying to fit in to get a few shows since it was the only thing that kept the crowd moving.

Now, our industry is flooding with very young producers who make amazing instrumentals that make you doubt if they are really Ghanaian. MagnomBeats, Fortune Dane, Yaw Dan, Slimbo, and the talented DJ Juls. 
This to me is the acme of an evolution in our music, an instance where musicians from any and every genre can feel comfortable in Ghana and make whatever song because there are geniuses out here to give them a befitting instrumental.

The contribution of producers to our music industry, their innovation and creativity, and their fearless quest to stretch and move out the box to make good instrumentals is why we have great songs on our radios today.


Earn and Demand.

As I took a walk today I thought of “Demand” and “Earn”. It didn’t just occur to me, I was assessing myself like I do weekly, and looking back at things I’ve done through the week. So I came back to look at definitions for it, I didn’t go into etymology or do deeper reading because just the basic definitions worked for me and suited what I assessed.

Demand: To say or request in a firm way that you need something.

Earn: To obtain; To gain deservedly in return for one’s behavior or achievement.

Most at times we feel people owe us things and we tend to demand them. It’s natural as humans to demand things from people because we think we deserve them. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Demanding things.

NB: requiring is different from demanding. But we’ll get into that later.

What I realised was, UNTIL or UNLESS somebody owe you something, you have no right or business demanding anything of them. When you go to a debtor you demand payment, because you have earned the right to.
Note that, by virtue of your money being with your debtor is how you earned the right to demand.
Further, earning something is different. When u earn something, you might expect it, but you don’t demand it. What I loved about the definition of earn was the word “deserve”. Also earning something comes as a reward for work done or something achieved. When the month ends, you have rights to demand a salary, but you don’t, because you will earn it. You obtain the salary, you gain it deservedly because of your work.

What I loved about all this is, demanding things can take time and energy, same energy one could have used to earn what we demand. We demand love, respect, care, promotions, salary increase etc, but have we earned the right to demand them? Also, when you repeatedly demand things, you don’t get the feeling of satisfaction when you finally get it, because it wasn’t given to you willingly.
All humans being equal and human, people reward you by will, and demanding it make them give you things against their will.

Also, it’s hard for people to take away things you’ve earned, because they mostly come as rewards but it’s easy to lose things u demand, and respect and love are two things that go with this point. However, things don’t end the moment you earn, keeping what you’ve earned also require work.

Agai, sometimes you demand things you think you’ve earned which hasn’t been given to you yet, because demanding sometimes string from working and thinking you deserve. I’m using “thinking” because I see ‘earning’ as a reward. So until given deservedly you haven’t earned. (for a safe argument)

Have a great coming week and work for the things you deserve, earn them, for there is a sense of accomplishment in being given things you didn’t demand.

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Good morning everyone who’s in church, it’s been a while I was in one,  but God is everywhere so my room is a temple. For those who’re at Omotuo joints collapsing green bottles and circulating sense of fulfilment and achievement from the past week amongst each other like hookah, I see you too. It’s been hell writing anything these days not cos of writers block, but,  grammar block. I’m still not in firm grip of my vocabs and I shut down anytime I’m writing,  it’s terrible, but it go be. Now let’s get to something quick.

Most at time we assess our capabilities and bail out on things we want to do because it’s unachievable. However, there are lot we haven’t touched on yet because our will doesn’t push us to yet.
Thinking about a couple of things today I realised
1. It’s not about the can do, it’s about the will do
2. Willingness fuels capabilities

the three points above are generally one thing, but each distinct.

Now,  Steve Jobs did whatever he could to give us apple. Know that Steve Jobs didn’t actually care about us users, he did,  yes, but that’s second on his list. His intrinsic value was first. Establishing apple gave Steve Jobs much more happiness and sense of accomplishment than the apple user or seeing the apple user happy would make him, and his will power is what urged him on. How capable he was or how easy it was to develop his OS and build the phone isn’t the issue, the imperative point is HOW MUCH STEVE WANTED TO BUILD APPLE.

Satan roars everyday trying to gather an army, most are out of his hands, he even tried Job who was a herculean task, but his will power took him there.
Jesus abandoned everything regal and came through all extremes to achieve salvation for mankind. Losing wasn’t an option for him because our salvation really mattered to him, in fact, it was all that mattered. To the former point, Satan knew he couldn’t get Job, but did he care? Losing wasn’t in his vision, because it mattered to him.

To not wind around and be baseless, I ask you one thing, HOW FAR HAVE YOU GONE FOR SOMETHING?

Many at times we try for just it’s sakes, just for the record, and that’s because it doesn’t really matter to us.
Remember that WILLINGNESS FUELS CAPABILITIES. You’re as powerful as your will do spirit is.

I don’t know what you’re battling with today but, try not looking much at how capable you are, there’s always a way out if it matters. If you look deeper, and you want it no matter what, YOU SHALL SURELY FIND A WINNING WAY.

Have a great Sunday everyone, and remember THERE’S ALWAYS A WAY OUT IF IT MATTERS.

Two weeks ago I had a banking issue so I had to go to Accra to resolve it. I don’t live in Accra, I just go there because of work, I barely know my way around it, unlike Kumasi, Takoradi or Cape Coast,  where I can close my eyes and still locate every nook and cranny.

Accra is a stressful place for me, it takes too long and frustrating traffic and heat to get anywhere, and yeah I speak for us with no cars battling dancing rickety troskis and passenger odours. SMH
Moving from Adabraka where my office is to Barclay’s headquarters in High streets was a headache for me, traffic makes taking a drop less logical and a waste of time and money. So like us people with no cars (lol) I pick a troski. In my head that’s the first time I’m taking that route,  so I get down at MTTU or whatever because of traffic and Start walking. As I walk past the UMB around the area I feel Deja Vu, but it actually wasn’t a Deja Vu, this time I was conscious of my movement and tailored events were to my regulation, then I realised I’ve been there before actually.
So my brain starts connecting dots and it leads me to the same routes I took last time in and out of Makola (Makola is accurate lol, I said I don’t know Accra,  might not be Makola seff).

As my brain recollects and I follow routes,  every step gets calculated, I have a silly smile on my face, and I say to myself “life”.

I forget about my destination and purpose and start laughing at the whole thing, life really is funny and fascinating sometimes. Why I was at Makola before this time was even more funnier.
I start to believe the saying “everything happens for a reason” and “every trial is a preparation of what’s to come”
I had no idea where I was till I walked past the universal Merchant Bank and somehow I face a Barclays Bank,  but no, not the headquarters. I smile at myself again.
Why am I writing all this? A tweet I saw this morning brought me to it. I can’t quite quote it but it goes “if you’re very careful you’d realise life follows a pattern…” yeah life does,  every act in a day has an impact on tomorrow’s, so be very vigilant and observant, have a hold of every new environment and activity, you will need it someday.

That very moment I also remembered how I got back to my big sisters school from my school on my first day. I was a little boy, can’t really remember how old I was but I was in KG2 so I was very young. My big sister and I attended the same school but the Kindergarten section was half a km apart from the primary and JSS. So she takes me there and goes back, after school I wait and nobody is coming, everyone is leaving and my school isn’t Debee so no bus, I had to leave too. It was just morning and I had to remember but I was a little boy being taken to school, I wouldn’t even expect myself to look around and find my way, but somehow I did, I recollected points and things I saw and made my way back to my sisters school. The look on her face when she saw me after she closed… LMAO

Okay so I go to this Barclays Bank and they show me their headquarters, I go and resolve my issue. As I leave the Barclays ACH department, in the elevator, I ask myself “what if this is also another tailored event to something later? ”


Yo people,  hope all of you are doing great? I am too,  in fact I’m doing amazing. Last couple of posts been touchy feely huh? Cupid did a man dirt, to be frank I’m still very squalid but that’s okay,  en too be part of life.

Something came up and I decided to share it,  ready? Okay.

It’s very hard to watch the beginning of things,  and to actually be a part of. It’s stressful sometimes, skepticism and pessimism all around it,  people’s opinions and your own conception.
Helping people develop especially is the worst of all,  because after all the factors pulling… Please pardon me if this post sucks but I’ve lost grip of my grammar.  The internet has really harmed my word construction and limited my vocabs, thought it was a joke at first, but see,  now I seem less confident using words cos I don’t use words often, new words I mean. Anyway

So as I was saying to me,  helping develop things especially people gives me joy,  there’s a feeling of accomplishment watching someone you helped developed become all that.
I’m easy to talk to, and I go all out with people in being honest so it easy for people to confide in me.
It’s not easy trying to mould people, because I too have been moulded by a couple of people. I knew the stress and frustration I gave them day by day,  but trying goes a long mile.

When trying to build things,  first feasibility should be attained,  some things are better left unchanged.

In 2012, I was a part of a team that planned and developed a resettlement project, it was huge because I was young and it was my first time doing anything that big,  I was nervous at meetings,  but I had to leave after the preliminaries. Three years later a family member bought a house at the town I helped develop, I was proud of myself for being part of something and actually having a family member benefit. Sometimes you might think you’re just doing things but it’s a small world and you wouldn’t know how it’d affect you later.

Building and developing people is basically parenting,  you try shaping a whole human to be socially fit and intellectually up and running, and to be a developer you should already be developed. The people you’re developing should look up to you and have an urge to develop.
I have a couple of younger friends,  met most in their teens and they kind of looked up to me. Through our friendship I’ve taught them a lot of things and I now look at them very nostalgic, and the other side of this is what you also learn from them.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to enjoy what you’re building or not, give it your all, cos you’re also enjoying what someone built. Like I said earlier on. It’s a small world and you might just benefit from your own work.

People are fascinating, the mind is powerful and wonderful, you get to know people’s perspective as you get with them and know their thought process. Being a part of the lives of teens has taught me a lot, for someone whose friends are all older, it felt like giving back what I had.
The accomplished feeling, the loyalty, the bonds is all that motivates me. It’s rare to have people be forever indebted to you.

So look around you,  is there anything or anyone that needs a little guide and help? Be that person, take an experiment at parenting and it’ll be the best thing you ever did.
Great weekend.

Last year was a great one,  last 7months were amazing. I practically thanked God everyday for it,  in fact I still do. It’s amazing how things turn out,  keep praying and focus, take bold steps,  even when people around you don’t agree,  most times, it works out.

What I realised last year was I was going off my word. Gave a lot of people my word and went against it,  broke a lot of promises and seemed a liar. Life takes a hard turn sometimes,  and growing up changes stuff.  I had people to see,  places to be,  things to do and I couldn’t do most.  Gave a lot people my word and ended up messing up.

But then,  I realised as we grow up we don’t have a grip of things anymore,  nature takes it course. You don’t have your life,  you no longer really control things around you like you used to.  I tried to be happy about the fact that I wasn’t changing for the worse but it still didn’t extenuate anything.  But like I said,  growing up happens and that’s what gives reason to life.

Work,  school,  side business,  relationships, family, among others start controlling us instead of us controlling them.  As a kid school is all that controls you,  when you come of age it changes. Your partner now has a say in your actions, your boss does,  your business or whatever you’re doing to make money dictates when you’re free and not.

Like I said,  it doesn’t extenuate it really,  but what can man do? So this year I’m taking it easy,  it’s going to be a tough one and easy does it.  People who know me know how calm and relaxed I get at things as I stick to a plan and keep focus. 
So yah, if I gave you my word and disappointed I’m sorry,  life is swinging me and I don’t have a grip of me lately. It go be.

And oh this year is fabulous already and we packing. Have a great weekend and make memories. 


Sound of each drop of blood was as clear as that of Africa’s everyday cry for help, its not intricate, very non pattern and unrhythmic, but each drop is an assurance of my goal.
I wasn’t particularly enthused about this one,  not at all, I mean where’s the joy in doing things without fervor? Its like sucking grey matter out of a dumb skull.

Almost half full, apart from the the first fill, that made it a bucket and a half which lasted so long, almost two weeks. It took me two weeks because though freshly drained,  it was trite and my buds didn’t crave it, but blood is blood and my soul and body will take in till I cloy.
I had zero to no spur doing this, yet I gave it one of my best showcase, ‘the floating angel’. 

That night I slept in her blood watching her carved being hang up the ceiling, I didn’t fantasize sexually, necrophiliac has never been my thing, I just admired the creator, as just a developer. Without a creator developers barely exist, in fact we don’t.

I put my heart into giving floating angel because we’re all angels on earth, just with different missions and paths so we deserve to rest as such.
Like I said, I wasn’t particularly enthused about that batch I drained. I’m mostly fueled by hate or love, disdain or compassion, disgust or lust, Courage or fear, envy or admiration(which is the same thing) but not this one, yet she was rewarded with the angelic showcase.

I gently pulled her heart out a little, not hanging to stress its cord, just visible enough to show how warming I feel about her despite my lack of urge at all.
Each of her left fingers divided to make it more efficient since she is left handed. As a developer, I admire left handed people, seeing them as using majority’s weakness as strength, so my decision was to enable her use just the left fingers for what both hands would do.

I gently sliced her head in cornrow forms so I wouldn’t have to braid her hair, also to get her thoughts looking out through many outlets.
As to why she hanged, I doubt I could recall, yet she got a cool display cos I treat each body with dignity.

Maybe her eyebrows attracted me, unlike females of the 21st century they were undone, and there was something particularly keen about it, they were curly.
I drilled a hole directly into larynx as the only outlet, over her vagina, because she had the soothing voice of an angel. I didn’t want to enact misogyny in this design, last time I did, I was haunted by 7dwarfs and 5blind babies. And I felt pain in my abdomen as revenge for mocking a woman’s natural order. The spirits weren’t pleased, and as a dignified developer, upholding the esteem of each gender and body is imperative to my work.

As she hang, her breasts does too, it’s mostly what I concentrated on the night I lay in her blood admiring what I did. I obsessed over the creators greatest idea into giving women breasts. To feed a baby, and please an adult. It was as though the creator considered homosexuals because women, are as obsessed with the breasts of other women as much as men are. I’m not a pervert or necrophiliac, I’m just a developer revering a venerable piece of work.

I draw her hands back and tie it together with her ankles and connect the rope to the chain that holds her thigh. This makes the body smaller, not covering a wider area and prevents weight and stress on the chains holding her spine.

You’re wondering why I did it? Let me tell you why.

I met her three days ago at a community counselling class, she was battling ‘karma’ as she said. There was something striking and peculiar about the was she spoke. Anytime she did, my brain reacts with impulses triggering profound memories of a past life. It gave me headaches and haunted me so I decided to get close to her.
I go to the counselling sessions to feel good about myself, but each day made it worse. I hear supposedly terrible things that seem like righteousness to me, because, compared to what I do, alcoholism and domestic abuse is a dream life.

One evening, after a session, I got close to her and we talked about how come Karma is eating her soul.

Before she started talking I was wearing a clean white shirt and blue cotton shorts, but I woke up with a scathing headache and a bleeding nose. I also became aware of my environment and I felt myself back to a land I knew before.


I had proof of who I used to be and how I became a psychotic killer.


Hanging there is my revenge. Hanging there is the reward of and for who made me this way. A wife, who cheated on me several times and shot me in my head four times, left me for dead 7 years ago. I survived with brain damage and memory loss, then I became a demon.

So when I met her, and I survived another attack from this woman, who tried to kill me twice, I decided to alleviate her, of Karma.